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<p>There have been some strange medicines over the years, but now it would appear that a video game has been added to the list.</p><p>According to a report from KING 5, the Henry Ford Health System has been handing out prescriptions for 5-2-1-0 Kids!, a game designed to teach children about healthy lifestyles through a series of mini-games.</p><p>The numbers of the title relate to its advice of eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg, restricting themselves to 2 hours screen time, getting at least 1 hour of physical activity and drinking 0 sugary drinks.</p><p>Dr. Stacy Leatherwood is quoted as saying that "parents are telling us (their children are) asking for more water and they're asking about vegetables and that sort of thing."</p><p>While I'm not sure that prescribing a game to children is necessarily a good thing, it makes sense to try and educate them on ways to stay healthy.</p><p>The app is free from both the App Store and Google Play, if you want to see for yourself.</p>.

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