Aether - Single-Page Wordpress Theme

Aether - Single-Page Wordpress Theme

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Aether is a theme for creative people and agencies, that want a simple website that has an impact on the viewers as soon as they land on the site.


  • Unique single page design
  • Choose videos of images for the front page
  • Dynamic search function for blog posts
  • Fancy Preloader
  • Fontawesome Integration
  • Google fonts integration for 500+ fonts
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Preset colors for the cool start button, with possibility to add more

Image Credits (Images not included with package)


Hotfix – 28 Jul, 2014

- There have been a couple of issues with the latest update, so we had to roll out a hotfix that simply changes the archive. For those that downloaded the V1.1.1 version prior to this day, we advise you to go to your wordpress folder and change the theme folder name to "Aether" from the current "Aether V1.1.1". Failing to do so will cause anomalies with the theme. 

For those who download the theme files after this hotfix update, you don't have to take this step, it will work out of the box.

Hotfix – 2 Apr, 2014

- Fixed responsive issues with some of the...

… mehr!


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