Doubletake Ajax HTML5 Portfolio Business Template

Doubletake Ajax HTML5 Portfolio Business Template

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The pixelentity team is proud to bring you the “Doubletake” template. Doubletake is an elegant modern and speedy Ajax template designed with business and creative people in mind. Amongst other things, Doubletake sports an innovative full page side-to-side scrolling navigation effect, which will make your visitor’s user experience remarkable. With over 9000 lines of custom written javascript and a slew of cutting edge features, the Doubletake template is bursting with potential for your new project. Read on for the juicy details.

At the Doubletake template’s core is a custom Javascript scroller component featuring on demand slide loading, runtime resizing, single slide jumping and the whole component is cross browser compatible even taking advantage of hardware acceleration on Apple’s iDevices. Doubletake will keep you abreast with the latest technologies as it makes extensive use of HTML5 features such as the Videos/Canvas element, History and Storage, as well as catering for the past by nicely degrading via built-in fallbacks for older browsers (IE8+).

Doubletake uses CSS sprites, deferred script loading, heavy compression and a host of other advanced techniques to make the site…

… mehr!


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