Gazeta - News & Magazine Drupal 8 Theme

Gazeta - News & Magazine Drupal 8 Theme

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An impressive Drupal theme for your news & magazine websites. Powered by Drupal 8, it has the latest technology and ongoing updates from the strong Drupal community.


  • Unlimited Categories: you can create any number of news categories.
  • Support Photo format with beautiful Juicebox plugin.
  • Multiple authors with individual profiles.
  • Publising permissions
  • SEO Optimized: support auto URL generation, metatag, page title, sitemap
  • Based on Bootstrap 3, the most popular base theme.

Notes: Due to licensing restrictions, demo images may not be included in the files.

Photo Credits: Unsplash, Pixabay

v1.3: 1/24/2018
- Update to Drupal 8.4.x
- Include Drupal core to install profile

v1.2: 07/28/2017:
- Update Drupal modules
- Update to support Drupal 8.3.x core

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