Zoombi- Magazine WordPress theme

Zoombi- Magazine WordPress theme

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Zoombi- Change log
#2.1.1 (22.06.2015)
- Update file prettyPhoto (js/prettyPhoto.js) to version 3.1.6
#2.1.0 (27.05.2015)
- edit: resolved issue "Themes Security Vulnerability" 
- edit: using esc_attr, esc_url, esc_textarea, wp_kses to print data
- add: The "TGM Plugin Activation" to 2.5.0

Version 2.0.2
- Update demo data (demo.xml)

Version 2.0.1
- Update demo data (demo.xml)

Version 1.0.0 Released date: Dec/13/2013

Zoombi- a stylish and clean magazine WordPress theme!

Zoombi is a straightforward and feature-rich magazine WordPress theme. Fast News has been built by using some of the most popular current design trends as HTML5, CSS 3, jQuery. Fully responsive, it has really great look and is very attractive on any device.

With its professional layout, it’s easy to customize. Zoombi can be set up quickly and easily, whether you’re an experienced developer or occasional blogger. It provides everything you’ll need to create a professional looking website. Zoombi- responsive magazine WordPress theme is perfect choice for your magazine, blog and news…

… mehr!


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