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    PayPal Donation Widget

    PayPal Donation Widget is a simple PHP-script that allows you to embed donation box into any HTML-page (PHP-page, ASP-page, whatever-page). It displays

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    PayPal.Me for WordPress - Donations and Payments

    PayPal.Me for WordPresss is a leightweight and handy call-to-action plugin to display modern and stylish PayPal.Me boxes, in order to receive donations or

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    Donation Content Locker

    Donation Content Locker is a plugin that allows to hide important content on your WordPress website and display it for donors only. All you need to do is

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    WooDonation - WooCommerce Donation Plugin

    Introduction : WooDonation WP Plugin WooCommerce Donation is a plugin powered by WooCommerce, which is when integrated with a commercial site allows users

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    DonateNic - Amazing Donation Button

    DonateNic is a jQuery plugin that you can build your own paypal donation button with a few easy steps. If you want to attract your visitors with nice

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    WooCommerce Donation Or Tip On Cart And Checkout

    A WooCommerce plugin that Accept donations on the cart and checkout page with amount specified by the client. Features Enabled / Disabled donation option.

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    WP Attractive Donations System - Easy Stripe & Paypal donations

    PRESENTATION This unique plugin allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful and attractive donations panels on your WordPress website. Each donation

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    JC WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Donations

    The JC WooCommerce checkout and cart donations plugin adds donation forms to your checkout and cart pages, where customers can round up their orders with a

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    Donation System : Binary to Multi Level Marketing

    Donation System. Perfection donation system for multilevel marketing application. Has all the functions for donaation system & has been tested with

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    PayPal Recurring Online Donation Form

    Simple PayPal online donation form with recurring and one-time donation options. This form has built-in validation ensuring donation amount is above $1.