Vegan Vend – help fund our first vending machine!

24. April 2018

[★★★★☆] Vegan Vend is a chilled vending machine business offering a variety of vegan wraps, sandwiches and tasty treats for everybody. Kickstarter – Vegan Creator of project: Remi Toth Project goal: £3,200 like | dislike Quelle


Exploriana – A Game of Exploration & Discovery!

[★★★★☆] Exploriana is an exciting, family friendly game, set during the Victorian age of wonder, that is easy to learn yet full of complexity. Kickstarter – Tabletop Games Creator of project: Team Glory Project goal: £9,000 like | dislike Quelle


OpeE – The bandage opener

[★★★★☆] OpeE – Splits bandage packages and cleaves trash bags! Kickstarter – Technology Creator of project: Jacob Lee Downey Project goal: $20,700 like | dislike Quelle



[★★★★☆] Chicken Joint · Southern Restaurant · Coffee ShoprnFarmhouse Chicken & Donuts is a locally owned and operated restaurant. Kickstarter – Restaurants Creator of project: Pamela Davis Project goal: $17,250 like | dislike Quelle


Exporo im Talk: Digitale Immobilieninvestments für Anleger

Zum Exporo-Testbericht ▻▻▻ ▻ Weitere Testberichte ▻▻▻ ▻ Zum ETF-Sparplantest ▻▻▻ Exporo ist eine… source


Uncle Sweaties Gaming Gym

[★★☆☆☆] 24/7 membership based gaming ‘gym’ so you can PC master race without having to spec out PC parts and prices Kickstarter – Video Games Creator of project: T Curtis DeSherlia Project goal: $50,000 like | dislike Quelle


DAYDREAMING: The Art of George Hage

[★★★☆☆] Preorder my debut art book for an in-depth look behind the scenes creating art for sports teams, breweries, music festivals + more. Kickstarter – Illustration Creator of project: George Hage Project goal: $1,000 like | dislike Quelle


KableCARD | Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone

[★★★★☆] ALL THE CABLES YOU NEED ARE HERE, don't even think about it, just put it in your wallet or your bag. No more charging problem! Kickstarter – Product Design Creator of project: CARD Project goal: SGD8,500 like | dislike Quelle


ZaanU Headphones – Upgrade your earbuds with our headphones!

[★★★★☆] ZaanU headphones are designed to be compatible with your earbuds, and built for lasting comfort to provide an amazing music experience! Kickstarter – Wearables Creator of project: ZaanU Tech LLC Project goal: $10,000 like | dislike Quelle


How To Get Unlimited Cards?

Get here: How To Get Unlimited Cards? How To Get Unlimited Cards? —- avidffan Le cose della vita Antonello venditti Don’t Stop The Sax LTJ Sound Machine… source