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Bitcoin Digital Downloads and Terminal 2018

Bitcoin Digital Downloads is a complete solution that allows you to automate the delivery of digital products after your customers complete the purchase using bitcoin. Bitcoin Digital Downloads can also be used as a bitcoin payment terminal allowing you to receive bitcoin payments for things like freelance or contract work, donations and more. Download links are encrypted to prevent unauthorized downloads and can also have an expiry time.


  • Automatic delivery of digital products
  • Allow download only after payment is confirmed
  • Secure encrypted download links
  • Link expiry time
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Custom or global email templates
  • Custom or global pricing
  • Mass upload using your FTP program
  • Buyers only need an email address to receive the download link and any bitcoin wallet of their choosing, no need for any kind of registration

How does it work

1) Upload your digital products to the products folder using FTP.

2) For each product you can define a custom email template, a download link expiration time and a price in bitcoin or currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD among others. Bitcoin conversion is…


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