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Chargify Terminal With IPN Validation

Chargify Terminal with IPN Validation is a complete solution for charging a user in your site for recurring payment via chargify. There is two way to subscribe a user in chargify: a) Via Hosted page and b) Via API call. both ways are included in this solution. Also IPN Validation, credit card number validation, payment table all are included.

So you can:

  • Subscribe user to your site via Hosted page or
  • Subscribe user to your site via API Call
  • Validate Credit Card information including CVV
  • After subscribe you will get an IPN notification containing subscription information to your site(by hidden)
  • You will process the IPN and update subscription status in user table to determine user has paid you
  • Allow or not allow a user to do something depending on subscription status of user table
  • In every recurring period Chargify will send notification to your site (by hidden)
  • It will be recorded in payment table
  • Ensure that user has paid last recurring date by checking payment table and disallow user to do something/login
  • Unsbscribe a user if needed
  • Switch from test mode to live mode



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