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Fundly - A Donation Platform

What is Fundly?

  • Fundly is a crowed funding PHP language script that allows you to create a crowed funding donation platform in the easiest way ever. In the market, it is the best available script for user. Because it is very user friendly for all user. Fundly helps you to collect fund for several event. Who is the campaign owner/creator they can easily create the campaign to raised fund for any necessary event. Any registrar user can donate their valuable donation by PayPal/Stripe payment method to your platform. User also can be able to see the new creation campaign. The platform owner has the privilege to set the commission amount which campaign owner will get. There are also many important & necessary features which are so advantageous and favorable for users.
    The main features of many are Campaign update, Donation, Payouts, Account settings, Commission, PayPal and Stripe. Platform owner also can decline the campaign end up method. Such as, a campaign will be auto stop to take payment from the user when reaches its goal or end date expire.

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