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Passages is a new and original game which has never been done before and is nice change of pace from the typical mobile game. We all want our games to be hits which is what we keep in mind when building these templates, get your money’s worth with this template and have your next 5 star game!

The answer to standing from the rest is this template. With a never been done before level selection paired with the unique, intuitive, and elegantly designed game-play you will be sure to stand out from others. For the price of $35 you will have full access to game, settings, formats, and assets to set the course for you to be the next trendsetter. (comes with full-support of course)

(10% of monthly sales are donated to AbleGamer charity. A charity that enables disabled gamers to play games to the its full potential.)

Passages uses a unique UI/UX set up for the level selection to keep the player intrigued. The game posses a new style of playing where multiple portals to allow the player to complete the level by navigating from platform to platform until they reach the final tower.
Players must select the right cube to move to the next platform but must be careful that they…


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