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Super Forms - PayPal Add-on

Free Live Demo: Click here to try out this add-on for Super Forms!
Setup Guide: How it works and how to set it up

Plugin description

With this Add-on for Super Forms
you can create forms where users will be redirected to the PayPal’s checkout page.
From “subscriptions with trial period checkouts” to “simple one product checkouts” it’s all possible with this add-on for Super Forms.

This add-on is also compatible with both:
Super Forms – Front-end Register & Login
Super Forms – Front-end Posting
You will be able to charge users for registering and posting content

Because of it’s seamless integration with Super Forms your contact entries status will be updated after PayPal IPN has notified your website about a successfull payment.
Along with this a new Transaction will be created so a record of payments will be kept within your WordPress back-end.
Within the back-end you can also track current active/suspended/canceled subscriptions

Transactions listing:

Subscriptions listing:

Settings / Options:


For all settings you can use {tags} to make your checkout even more dynamic


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