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Closify Press - Intelligent image composer - Single/Multi image uploader (Media)

(2 in 1) Plugin :
Powerful image uploader + Intelligent image optimizer

Upload > Review > Approve > Have a richful media library

Closify is a wordpress plugin, that has a comperhensive image storing and processing features, it comprises of frontend & backend management panels where you can leverage them to create unlimited number of image uploaders, and use its configuration, shortcodes, special wordpress functions easily to upload customized photos into your website. Administrator can place multiple multi/single image uploaders in whatever locations inside of his website. The plugin is totally responsive and cross browser compatible and can be used through mobile platforms to upload images.


  • Uploads review and approval integrated system
  • Uploads will go into seperate library waiting for review & approval
  • Multiple image uploader
    • Enforce allowed image type
    • Enforce Title/Description information submission along with images
    • Define maximum number of file allowed to be uploaded per session
    • Define maximum file size
    • Enable/Disable upload preview feature
    • Enable/Disable file drag and drop feature
    • Customize the theme
  • Single image uploader with customizable dimension
    • Predefine the dimension that you would like to acquire from users
    • Enforce Title/Description information submission along with images
    • Define maximum file size
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • It helps administrator to draw customizable and organized images from users very quickly and efficiently
  • Creative single image uploader which can be used in too many different variety, and also can be integrated within custom forms
  • Stores and keep tracks of user’s uploads

closify press new features
Closify Press

 v20141119 = 1.3 * Initial release (Read docs for more detailed information) = 1.4 - 2014-12-10 - Fixed horizontal minor image upload bug - Fixed typo in configuration page - added two new shortcode attributes (user_id + disable_menu) - Fixed progress bar styling = 1.5 - 2014-12-11 - Increased multi-image upload performance - Eliminate temp file needs for multiple uploader - Added support for (eps, tif, ai, psd and svg) - Extra enhancements = 1.6.1 - Complete code redesign for the single image uploader - Complete responsive mobile handling redesign with quality test - Now uploaded images are all been stored in a temporary location
where every image need to be reviewed & approve before it get stored in Media Library. - Update theme options - Performance improvement - Mobile touch fixes for iOS/Android - Add disable preview option - Changed initial button opacity to 0.8 - Fixed multi-image uploader initial generation error - Remove responsive option = 1.6.2 - Removed faulty responsive feature - Added enforceInfo option for both Single/Multi uploaders - Now user can add title and description that will be stored with the attachment - Replaced Touch-Punch and jquery-ui with wordpress native options - Add Thickbox effect for closify - General enhancements - Expand mobile support

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