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Ninja Kick: Subscription WordPress Plugin (Newsletters)

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Ninja Kick: Subscription WordPress Plugin is a premium list building plugin that adds subscription form with push/sliding animation effect and clean design on every page of your site. It’s simple-to-use yet powerful tool with a lot of opening patterns and analytics available. With this product you can easily increase the number of your subscribers rocketing your traffic this way!

It’s third plugin for series and it uses all proven techniques of its siblings from Ninja Kick Series. By the way they are all compatible and can work along with each other. Plugin makes use of modern CSS3 transitions, has layout responsive to screen size changes, works well on mobile devices and reacts on swipe gestures.

Recently updated!

  • E-Goi integration.
  • Mad Mimi integration.
  • Campaign Monitor ntegration.
  • MailPoet integration.
  • Mailrelay integration.
  • Export opt-ins to CSV file.
  • More additional fields: Name, Phone, City.

Mailing services supported:

NK Subscription Plugin increases your traffic

If you’re looking for more universal WordPress solution of sliding panel for extra content with same off-canvas effect take a look at another plugin — Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel for WordPress.

How it works

When being triggered (by user or by page load or by scrolling etc) site content is pushed away and form is revealed (also can slide on top of content). You can create different forms and make them default for different pages.

NK: Subscription WordPress Plugin features

NK Plugins are compatible
NK: Subscription WordPress Plugin features

Other features:

  • Statistics for each form, views, subscriptions and conversion rates (screenshot)
  • Additional fields: Name, Phone, City.
  • Client-side form validation and form AJAX submission.
  • You have option to hide label and trigger contact form opening from any element on page (menu button, link, image). Follow this guide.
  • Different opening patterns:


  • User-friendly Settings page.
  • Subscription form adjusts its layout automatically for the best view depending on fields you filled on Settings page.
  • 15 patterned and 15 blurred built-in backgrounds and you can upload and use your own.
  • Swipes support for mobile devices.
  • Localization for languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Dutch. If you have improvements please PM to me your translations.
  • Social links bar.


Known issues

Chrome browser has some glitches rendering fixed background (background-attachment:fixed rule) after CSS transformations applied (which is happening when plugin pushes content). Background becomes static and flickers. This cannot be fixed until Chrome devs fix this for their browser. Plugin applies workaround for this case when body element has fixed background. For rest elements it applies background attachment ‘static’ in Chrome. You can use slide out animation option instead of pushing content if you want your background to be fixed.

If you use with Easy MailChimp Forms plugin it will require customization to work along with NK plugin. Please request instructions.

Problems are possible on RTL (right-to-left) sites, use at your own risk.


Version 1.3.0 Latest

- E-Goi support
- Mad Mimi support
- Campaign Monitor support

Version 1.2.0—1.2.4

- Exporting opt-ins to CSV format
- More additional optional fields: Name, Phone, City
- MailPoet support
- Mailrelay support

Version 1.1.5

- MyMail support added
- Desktop Safari fixes (in 1.1.2)
- AWeber support added (in 1.1.5)
- Optional Name field in Form (in 1.1.5)
- Fix for IE9 when overlay stays visible after form closing and prevents links to be clicked (in 1.1.5)

Version 1.0

- Plugin is approved on CodeCanyon
- Hotfixes in 1.0.x

Ninja Kick Series plugins

All plugins are compatible and develop synchronously. You may expect new features available for all of them. Purchasing on CodeCanyon guarantees lifetime free updates.



We are interested to improve the product with focus on clients’ satisfaction. You can directly affect priorities of development by requesting your mailing service or feature! If you have issues send message via this contact form and we’ll try to update/fix asap.


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