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Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed (SEO)

Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed for WordPress

Use facebook as your news feed on your wordpress website. Grab the attention from your visitor and let them share your facebook posts to twitter, Google+, linkedin or lead them to your facebook account so they can follow you for more exposure.

You can only use public pages. To test if your facebook page can be used try here and change me in your facebook name or page ID.

Colors for the icons, fonts and links will be set from your theme which you are using so it looks like a native plugin.
Two different layouts are possible and can be set in the admin.

All posts are set to rich snippets for better SEO

This plugin uses the JSON Graph API from facebook so you need an APP id and APP secret.
Check out a small video how to get an APP ID and secret ( )

Live preview on my own minicms

Video demo on youtube

Works great on mobile phones and for the images it uses lazyload to speed things up

(when scrolling down the high res images will appear)

Also the json feed will be cached so it won’t slow down your website. The cache time can be set in the admin or with a shortcode


Minimum PHP version 5.3.0

Key Features

  • Colors are automatic (Links and icons) set based on your theme
  • Use your facebook as your news items for more exposure
  • Any facebook administrator can then update the facebook posts
  • Looks great on mobile devices
  • Plays inline youtube and facebook video’s (native html5)
  • Translate time in your own language
  • Auto readmore for long text



Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed


Version 1.1 Removed js and css from the admin pages (nov 30 2014)
Added css word-wrap for long links (nov 29 2014)
Added debug for facebook url testing, see admin help tab (nov 11 2014)
First 1.0 release (sep 28 2014)

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