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<p>Go Pogo is the name of Nitrome's next upcoming game on iOS and Android, the details of which were outlined in this blog post.</p><p>It's based on the old Flash game Ribbit and revolves around jumping on a pogo stick through a variety of different levels and game modes.</p><p>Now, Nitrome has been quick to point out that it noticed similarities between its latest creation and that of a game that recently came out in the App Store called Zombie's Got a Pogo.</p><p>The response was appropriately humble: "Hey this happens, we can’t consistently get unique ideas that no one else has thought of before, or around the same time."</p><p>"We’re loving the progress and feel of Go Pogo and to be honest we like a few things that the other game has done, however our game plays different and reassures us that we are on an awesome path!"</p><p>We find that very easy to believe based on the sheer quality of the developer's previous work. We'll keep you posted on a potential release date.</p>.

GAME NAME The Paranormal Society

PlayStore ID

com.sigmateam.The Paranormal

Smash The Virus(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4.0):

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