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<p>Following the announcement back in October, Another Eden's second crossover event with Persona 5 is now live in the game. This marks the second time the two series have teamed up with the first part of this collaboration taking place in December last year.</p><p>The second instalment is called &lsquo;Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteers: Promises, Vows, and Rings'. It will see the introduction of Persona 5 Royal characters Violet and Skull, who you will be able to obtain for free. On top that, you'll receive 1000 Chronos Stones simply for starting the aforementioned crossover quest.</p>Tales of the Neon Sea review - "Stunning but literally puzzling"<p>This crossover content won't be time-limited either so you'll be able to jump into it whenever you feel like to obtain the two Persona 5 characters. You'll be able to get Violet by playing through the story whilst Skull is available via clearing the mission called Another Dungeon: Mementos.</p>.

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